frequently asked questions

Is Metalbus always the cheapest provider of coach travel to festivals / events
Metalbus strives to offer the lowest possible price. Found an (travel) organization elsewhere that offers the same bus trip cheaper? Let us know via: Metalbus will see if it is possible to adjust our prices.

I see that Metalbus offers entrée tickets to festivals and events without bus tickets. Is it advisable to buy these entrée tickets through Metalbus?
Yes. For many festivals and events Metalbus can purchase tickets at a discount price. This discount is passed on to our customers and can sometimes reach up to 20.00 euro per ticket. Unfortunately we cannot (yet) offer a discounted ticket price for every event / festival.

I already purchased a ticket for an event / festival. Can I buy a separate ticket for the bus?
Yes. If you already own an entree ticket, you can purchase a separate bus ticket.

I've already purchased a ticket via an Early-bird sale. Can I buy more tickets?
Of course you can. It is possible to buy more tickets if you have already purchased a ticket via an Early-bird sale. The new tickets can even be purchased at the same price.

We want to sign up as a group. Is that possible?
Of course you can sign up as a group. For groups larger than 15 people we can even add an extra stop. Provided this stop is on the itinerary of one of our already offered routes. If the requested stop is not on the route, we have a minimum of at least 25 people to be submitted in order to alter our routing. Submit your group via:

Is there a tour guide present during your bus tours?
Yes. At each stop there is one person that will act as your tour guide. These tour guides will also be your contact person in the bus. Metalbus values good service and clear communication. Our tour guides are therefore equipped to help solve the problem in (almost) every situation.

Is it allowed to bring food and beverages on the bus?
Of course it is allowed to bring food and beverage, but only in limited amounts. All we ask in return is for you to keep the busses clean at all times. Thank you.

Is there a catering service available on the bus?
During our longer bus trips there is beer, soda and other refreshments available at reduced prices.

I want to bring my own food and beverage on the bus and for during the festival. Is this allowed?
Of course you can bring along your own food and beverage on the bus. However, it is recommended to have a look at the "tips of the organization” as for some events a supermarket is present within walking distance. Here you purchase fresh food and drinks every day.

My boyfriend / girlfriend is traveling from another pick-up point. Will I meet him/her when I arrive at the event?
Of course you will. All our buses will stop at the same place at the event, roughly at the same time.

I would like to bring along CDs and / or DVDs one the bus. Is this possible?
Yes. Note: you are personally responsible for your belongings. Also you are travelling in a bus full of hard rockers. Justin Bieber or Britney Spears will not be played!

How much luggage and / or suitcases can I bring?
Given the limited luggage space in the buses it is possible to bring one bag / suitcase and one tent. We are only going away for a few days, not on a six month world tour.

Help, my trip is canceled. Will I get my money back?
When a bus trip or event is cancelled, your money will be refunded entirely. All you have to do is send an e-mail to the information desk via They will help you out further.

Unfortunately I cannot go along with the bus trip, but I’ve already bought a ticket.
Cancellation is only possible with a valid and apparent reason.

I bought a ticket, but cannot go. Can I sell my ticket?
Resale of your ticket is not allowed and is only possible after consultation and approval of

Is your question not listed? Do not hesitate and send your inquiry to our information desk: