The history of Metalbus

It began in 2006 when we first organized a bus trip to Graspop Metal Meeting in Belgium. This trip was an instant success, but the fee per person was way too high we thought.  So we did some research and discovered it could be done for a much cheaper price. We organized another more affordable bus trip to Graspop, marking the official birth of Metalbus on April 30th 2008.

The name Metalbus was coined after a few nights of brainstorming. The name Metalbus summarizes the main goal of our organization: offering quality travelling to metal festivals, always hiring the best coaches from the best companies. Travelling in the Rolls Royce’s among touring cars. It’s also a simple name that can easily be found on the internet

From day one we were, and still are, the official partner of Graspop Metal Meeting. We are still the only organization in the Benelux offering all-inclusive bus trips (travel + festival ticket + camping) to this festival.

Now, after a few successful years we merged with Doomstarbookings and Black Label Support, whom already successfully organized several bus trips to Hellfest in France.

Not only to extend our range of offer, but creating an even more reliable partner for metal festivals in Europe. Offering quality travels for our participants to metal festivals such as Graspop Metal Meeting, Wacken Open Air, Hellfest and more.

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